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A selection of landscapes and animals from my trip to Botswana in September 2016.
Antelope CrossingLioness and Cubs on a Zebra KillAfrican ElephantBaboons Grooming at DuskOkavango Delta in JulyElephant at DuskGiraffe Enjoying the SunsetYoung Baboons Play-fighting_8250775 Hammerkopf with Frog, BotswanaLioness and Cub_8260107-Lioness and Cub_8260119-Lioness and CubImpala at DawnLeopard Watching Impala_8270948-Pied Kingfisher with LizardBaboon at SunsetBlackwing Stilts Bird - OriginalWild Dogs Out HuntingWild Dog Looking for PreyWild Dog Hunting

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